We help musicians in London’s music colleges and state schools. ¬†You must be under the age of 30 and although you don’t have to be in full time education yourself, we give special consideration to projects with an educational element. Our help can be direct or through schools and colleges. The age limit also applies to the prizes we sponsor.

To read about projects we have supported in the past visit our Projects page and read our Newsletter for recent and upcoming performances and awards.


Applications will be reviewed approximately every three months: in February , May, June, September and November.

To apply to the Elias Fawcett Trust, send or email an application giving the following information:

  • Your name and contact details;
  • The name of your organisation (if applicable), and your position within it;
  • Brief details of the project for which you are applying;
  • An explanation of how your project meets the EFT’s criteria;
  • Short bios (no more 50-100 words) of the young musicians and/or composers involved;
  • A budget giving your estimated income and expenditure. The income ¬†should include details of any other funding you have received or applied for.